Our Production Room  

Much like an artist, a chef needs the ability to see their vision come to life. Our meat-cut shop meets the needs of the evolving chef and their ravenous foodies. A selection of meats ranging from beef to exotics. Every cut is handled with great care and detail. Our team of butchers beautifully cut to the specifications requested.

Beef Patties

Our patties are formed to perfection. Respecting the art of presentation, each batch of patties is created based on your burger specification and styled to your preference related to size, style, profile, and shape.

Our blends are endless.


Vacuum Packaging  

Our meats can be custom packaged to meet your specific needs, in order to maintain freshness and maximize your productivity.                                                      




Special Cuts

Our team of butchers and packers tailor each cut with great detail so that each custom order enables our partner chefs to achieve ultimate success. 

This is where you will witness your creation come to life. You're the architect and we're the developer. 


Ground Meats

All of our ground meats are created In-house, where it is possible for your imagination to run wild.  We partner with you to create custom blends unique to your menu.