Being extremely selective about our sourcing, we procure top quality USDA prime, Certified Angus Beef ® choice, and a full line of other meat products to provide premium quality for every application. Both our boxed beef and custom cut products are adorned with beautiful marbling and rich coloring.  

Our custom cuts range from from dry-aged, wet-aged, sub-primal cuts, and our custom portioned steaks and chops based on your specification. Beyond traditional Midwestern beef; we also carry Wagyu Kobe style beef, grass fed only beef, and natural beef which has not been exposed to antibiotics or hormones. 

The items listed below are a mere sampling of what we can provide. We exceed expectations and nourish your needs. 


Subprimal 1 - Chuck, Ribs, Loin:  

Back Ribs Extra Meaty

109 Ribs

Bone-in Ribeye Export

Ribeye Boneless Lip/On

Ribeye Roll Pure

Shortloin 2x3,0x1

Striploin Boneless 0x1

Striploin 1x1 Bone-in

Tenderloin Pure 190a


Chuck Boneless Short Rib 

Top Blade Flat Iron 

Teres Major 

Tenders Clod 


Rib Short Ribs  

Striploin 180 Boneless 0x1  

Striploin Boneless 1x1   

Tenderloin Peeled (PSMO) 5up


Subprimal - Sirloin, Round, Thin Meat:                                        

Gooseneck Flat

Culotte Muscle

Brisket Point Off


Tri-tip Peeled

Hanging Tenderloins

Top Inside Denuded


Sirloin Top Butt(Xt)              

Brisket 190 9&up                  

Eye of Round                       

Flap Meat                               

Flank Steak                            

Top Inside                              

Ball Tips 2 & up

Skirt Steak Outside & Peel


Portion Control


Short Ribs 1, 2, 3 Bone

Short Rib Boneless

Short Rib Osso Buco

Ribeye Delmonico Steak

Ribeye Steak Lip/Off Pure



Shoulder Tender Medallion  

Flat Iron Steaks  

Beef for Stew   

Beef Stroganoff Strips   

Chuck Heart Steak/Roast 

Loin, Sirloin, Round, Thin:     

Bone-in Strip Steak (Kansas City)

Bone-in Tenderloin Filet

Strip Steak Center Cut Boneless

Tenderloin Medallions, Tails,Tips

Tender Filet Barrel Muscle Off

Tender Filet Center Cut Muscle On/Off


Palomilla Steak  



Cube Steak

Hanger Steak  

Skirt Steak  

Flap Meat Steak 

Culotte Steak 

Top Butt Steak Sirloin 

Top Butt Steak Baseball